Words of Christ Ministry

Words of Christ Ministry

St Augustine, FL

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The purpose of this ministry is to remind people of the fact that while Christ was here among us on this Earth, he taught what is needed to go to Heaven. He taught that just believing in him isn't enough, but that your treatment of others, can determine your destiny after you leave this life.

Too many of the churches in the U.S. forget the teachings of Jesus, and focus only on the teachings of the Old Testament and the letters of Paul, but if you're going to name a religion after someone, their teaching should be included within it's doctrine...
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What Are We Here For?

​Hello, I'm Reverend David Youmans...

Our purpose here is to remind people that Jesus taught while he was here among us. Many of the churches in the United States seem to have forgotten about the teachings of Jesus, which is absurd, considering that Jesus was Christ, and they all call themselves Christians. You would think it hard to name a religion after someone, while not including their teachings in your doctrine, but many churches seem to do precisely that.

Many of the churches in this country pay a great deal of attention to the Old Testament, and to the letters of Paul, but barely mention that actual teachings of Jesus. They give special attention to the Miracles of Jesus, to his virgin birth, and to his death on the cross that gave us forgiveness of our sins, but seldom mention the compassionate teachings that gained him such devotion among his followers, during the hard times in which they were living...